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Renovating Your Home
Thinking of renovating or extending your home?   It’s a sensible idea!   Home extensions are becoming more and more popular, especially in smaller homes where families feel they need that extra space at the back of their homes for a larger kitchen dining space, or a more open living area.     And who wouldn’t want some extra space to entertain and have family dinners!?   Part of the renovation or remodelling process often requires walls to be knocked down, new colour schemes to be chosen, and window openings ...

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Custom Made vs Ready-Made - Which Do you Choose?
Window furnishings allow you to present your home in a certain style and fashion, but they also offer a range of benefits in terms of privacy, light and temperature control.   The question is, do you buy ready-made blinds from retailers like Bunnings & Spotlight, and choose to fit them yourself?   or, do you choose custom-made blinds that are made to measure and have them professionally installed?   Well here at Mr Blinds, we’ll hopefully be able to help you with the pro’s and cons of Custom Blinds versus ...

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Buying Blinds for an Investment Property
  Do you own an investment property?   Or are you thinking about jumping into the market and purchasing one?   It would make sense right now!   Interest rates are historically low, with more rate cuts on the horizon,  which means money is cheap and owning a rental property is a great long term investment!   So if you do own one, or take the plunge in the near future, you might find yourself needing window furnishings and needing to attract tenants into the property to get it rented as ...

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Buying new blinds
Have you just moved house, are extending, renovating or simply want to change style of window furnishings ?   Well, look no further, because here’s everything you need to consider when buying new blinds for your Adelaide home.   First and foremost, you need to consider the window size and the type of window you want to buy blinds for.   If you have a window that opens in a particular way, the new blinds need to accommodate this so they are not damaged everytime you want to open ...

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Need to Replace the Fabric of an Awning?
If your outdoor awnings are looking tired, ripped or faded, then a simple replacement of the canvas or mesh is a great option!   Mr Blinds can come out to inspect the awning that requires repair, and if all the fittings are in good working order, we’ll carefully remove it, take it away and then work our magic by replacing the fabric, before returning it and re-installing it with care!    With the replacement of some new highly durable canvas or mesh, your awning will be restored and ready ...

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Benefits of Roller Shutters
First and foremost, roller shutters provide security to your home from intruders. Custom fit shutters cannot be pulled away from your windows without a sheer amount of force or intentional damage. This means statistically, that home invasion or burglary is greatly reduced compared to homes without them. Intruders see a home with security shutters as a deterrent, meaning they’ll simply move onto an easier target and go elsewhere instead.   Protection from storms   Installing roller shutters to the front of your home will ...

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How to Improve Your Living Space with Outdoor Blinds
  Any Australian will tell you that a good outdoor living area, is vital if you want to enjoy the great outdoors all year round. However, if you’re new to the home improvement game, you may be a little perplexed as to how to do so.   If you’re looking to create an outdoor space that has the ability to be used all year round, you can’t go past the installation of Outdoor Blinds by Mr Blinds. Our custom made Zipscreen outdoor blinds run on a track guided ...

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The Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment Area
Depending on where you live in Australia, most of us are fortunate to benefit from anywhere between 6 and 10 months of sunny weather with long hours of daylight, warmth and clear skies.  It's for this reason a lot of us just love spending time outdoors and have adapted our homes to bring more of the!   With all of the renovation shows on TV in recent times, people have been bitten by the 'reno bug' and are ...

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What Types of Blinds are Right For You
The Different Choices of Window Blinds Available for your Home When choosing the perfect window blinds for your home, there are certainly plenty of options available to you. Because of this, it can be easy to be overwhelmed by the number of choices. Luckily, though, we're here to help. We've put together this handy list of some of the main types of window blinds available, so that you can rest assured that you know all you need to make the right choice. Roman Blinds One of the oldest ...

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