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Which blinds are best to keep heat out?

Running the air conditioner in Summer does have a nice feel to it, but running it non-stop during Adelaide’s heatwaves won’t feel as nice when you receive your quarterly energy bill!   Fortunately, the clever use of blinds, awnings, shutters or curtains can help keep your house cool and your energy bills in check.     ...

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Which Blinds are the Easiest to Clean

Blinds are a great way to dress up your home. They offer light control, privacy and aesthetic benefits, but dust build-up in a home is inevitable! So which blinds are the easiest to clean? Roller Blinds Roller Blinds are made of a smooth, non-static fabric with dust-repelling properties, so to keep them fresh, a simple swipe of ...

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Guide to Cleaning your Zipscreen Blinds

Guide to Cleaning your Zipscreen Blinds Zipscreen blinds are a fantastic addition to any home, patio, balcony or verandah as they offer comfort and protection from the elements. The system is virtually bullet-proof but they do require some care to ensure they continue to look great and function correctly. To help, we’re offering you this little cheat sheet on ...

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Shutters, Curtains or Blinds?

Just moved into a new house and found the windows are missing all the window treatments?   Great news for you! You get to start fresh!!!   But now you’re faced with the decision of buying Shutters, Curtains or Blinds… Want to understand the difference?  Read on!   Shutters  Shutters originate from Europe, and in a ...

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Renovating Your Home

Thinking of renovating or extending your home?   It’s a sensible idea!   Home extensions are becoming more and more popular, especially in smaller homes where families feel they need that extra space at the back of their homes for a larger kitchen dining space, or a more open living area.     And who wouldn’t want some extra space ...

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Custom Made vs Ready-Made - Which Do you Choose?

Window furnishings allow you to present your home in a certain style and fashion, but they also offer a range of benefits in terms of privacy, light and temperature control.   The question is, do you buy ready-made blinds from retailers like Bunnings & Spotlight, and choose to fit them yourself?   or, do you choose custom-made blinds that are ...

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Buying Blinds for an Investment Property

  Do you own an investment property?   Or are you thinking about jumping into the market and purchasing one?   It would make sense right now!   Interest rates are historically low, with more rate cuts on the horizon,  which means money is cheap and owning a rental property is a great long term investment!   So if you do ...

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Buying new blinds

Have you just moved house, are extending, renovating or simply want to change style of window furnishings ?   Well, look no further, because here’s everything you need to consider when buying new blinds for your Adelaide home.   First and foremost, you need to consider the window size and the type of window you want to buy blinds ...

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Need to Replace the Fabric of an Awning?

If your outdoor awnings are looking tired, ripped or faded, then a simple replacement of the canvas or mesh is a great option!   Mr Blinds can come out to inspect the awning that requires repair, and if all the fittings are in good working order, we’ll carefully remove it, take it away and then work our magic by ...

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