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What Types of Blinds are Right For You

The Different Choices of Window Blinds Available for your Home


When choosing the perfect window blinds for your home, there are certainly plenty of options available to you. Because of this, it can be easy to be overwhelmed by the number of choices. Luckily, though, we're here to help. We've put together this handy list of some of the main types of window blinds available, so that you can rest assured that you know all you need to make the right choice.


Roman Blinds

One of the oldest forms of blinds still in use today, roman blinds are an evolution of a blind that the Romans used during the building of the Roman Empire to keep the dust coming into their homes from the unpaved roads and constant construction.  When opened, Roman blinds stack up evenly into pleats by the simple use of a pull cord or chain operated system. When fully open, they are smooth without overlapping. To keep the blinds flat and even, the pull chords are pulled at the SAME rate to ensure an elegant and stylish look. Roman Blinds are available in a wide range of patterns, plains and textured fabrics so you’ll be sure to find a match to your bedroom or living areas. Please note that Roman blinds aren’t however suitable for bathrooms as they offer no option to protect against moisture or high temperatures.



Bedroom Roman Blinds Light Filtering Roman Blinds Roman Blinds in Khaki Roman Blinds in Beige


Roller Blinds

Roller blinds, are quite simply blinds that roll down to filter or stop light entering a room used to control privacy. They come in a huge variety of different styles and patterns, so they provide the perfect way to add a little variety to a room, or to suit the existing decor you already have. They can be made to fit any type of window by fitting into a window recess with a standard or reverse roll. Standard roll means it rolls to the back and reverse roll means it rolls to the front, with the reverse roll being popular as the fabric rolls over the tube, thus hiding it.  Fabrics can be made from a light filtering fabric that has up to 95% UV Ray protection qualities as well as the ability to keep up to 85% of heat from entering the room. The blockout fabrics can range from budget through to a higher end 100% polyester which generally come with an acrylic foam block out coating. If you cant decide, there is always the choice of incorporating a ‘day/night’ roller blind which combines both the light filtering fabric for daylight hours, with a blockout one for night.
 With the many possibilities available, and the old rule of thumb of ‘getting what you pay for’, it’s important to ask questions about quality versus budget.

Talk to us for some unbiased and ethical advice on the right type of roller blinds for you.



Roller Blinds in Turqoise  Roller Blinds Fascia Roller Blind in Blockout Fabric Roller Blinds in Kitchen Area


Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor blinds are designed for alfresco entertaining areas such as pergolas, verandahs and balconies.  The main advantage of outdoor blinds is the excellent light, weather protection and privacy they provide.

With todays technology and the wide choice of fabrics and materials that are available, outdoor blinds allow you to use your outdoor entertaining areas all year round. The brands that dominate the Australian market are from Ziptrak, Zipscreen and Slidetrack which all have common opening, closing and securing principles for strength and ease of use. Some of the manufacturers boast the ability to have the blinds made with widths of up to 5m or in some special circumstances, an impressive 7 metres!  Fabrics range from clear PVC, to varying degrees of durable mesh which allow you to control the amount of visibility and level of privacy you desire.

Outdoor Blinds are often used for residential use but are also very popular in either café’s, restaurants, hotels and office windows. Wherever the application, if your suburb or region experiences high wind ratings, it is important to treat your outdoor blinds with care and it is essential to have them correctly installed by a qualified tradesman.   


Outdoor Blinds around pool  Outdoor Verandah Blinds Zipscreen Blinds Outdoor Blinds on Balcony


Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are one of the most common forms of blinds that people choose, as they are highly effective and versatile. They keep the sun out, maintain privacy, are highly durable and are easy to clean. At the top end of town, timber venetians in cedar, are elegant, and perfectly dress your windows whilst offering an element of insulation. The timber can be left in it’s natural cedar form or be stained to match your interior décor. Slat sizes are available as 35 mm, 46mm, 60mm or 85mm)   Aluminium Venetians are practical and ideal for offices and are also suitable for wet areas such as bathrooms or laundries and can come in slat sizes of 16mm, 25mm & 50 mm) They are great for giving you some extra privacy through a ground floor window, as it's hard to see through them from the outside even when they are open. Finally PVC venetian blinds come in blade sizes of 50 & 60 mm and offer extreme versatility as they come in a wide range of standard colours, including a host of realistic wood grain patterns.  With these options, Venetian Blinds are probably the most flexible of all window coverings available.


 Timber Venetian Blinds in Cedar  Warm Look Timber Venetian Blinds Aluminium Venetina Blinds in White Aluminium Venetian Blinds over door


Vertical Blinds

Once, vertical blinds were the only way of providing covering for large windows such as patio doors. While there are now a few other options available for these types of windows, vertical blinds still offer an affordable, effective solution for sunlight control with larger windows, sliding or bi fold doors. The blind slats are opened and closed using a wand system and when fully opened allow the slats stack evenly and neatly for a tidy window furnishing. Slat sizes are in 127 mm or 90 mm with the option of sewn in weights or a chainless system. Similar to other blinds, vertical blinds are available in both blockout and light filtering fabrics of any colour you desire to match your room décor.


Vertical Blinds in bathroom  Vertical Blinds in lounge room  Vertical Blinds close up and closed Bedroom Vertical Blinds


Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are seeing a rise in popularity because they are such a beautiful addition to the outside or inside of any home. Custom made to fit within your window recess, plantation shutters have moveable louvres which allow you to control how much heat and light enter your home. They can come in a range of different colours with many types of framing and opening options including hinged, sliding or bi-folding configurations. Plantation shutters are a very appealing and low maintenance choice for windows and can be a great alternative to curtains.


Plantation Shutters in Bedroom Bay WIndow Plantation Shutters in St Peters Home Adelaide Plantation Shutters in Adelaide Lounge Room Plantation Shutters in Bathroom


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