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Verandah Awnings

Verandah Awnings come in a variety of different configurations and fabrics to suit your home and personal requirements.


You'll often see the striped canvas straight drop awnings that are lowered during summer on really hot days on home verandahs across Adelaide.  The striped canvas comes in a wide variety of colours to suit your home.


A trending variety of verandah awning is the straight drop outdoor awning made with  95% blockout Mesh fabric.  


Both are particularly effective if you have a north or west facing home as they can protect the woodwork of your home from cracking and peeling as well as prevent the front of your home from heating up. 


Mr Blinds manufactures; 

  • Automatic awnings
  • Motorised awnings,
  • Pivot awnings
  • Wireguide awnings
  • Straight drop awnings
  • but currently does not offer folding arm awnings 

 We custom manufacture our blinds and outdoor awnings with quality materials, fabrics and componentry, constructed for Australian Conditions and to fit perfectly for you to enjoy for years to come.


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