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Benefits of Roller Shutters

Benefits of Roller Shutters

First and foremost, roller shutters provide security to your home from intruders. Custom fit shutters cannot be pulled away from your windows without a sheer amount of force or intentional damage. This means statistically, that home invasion or burglary is greatly reduced compared to homes without them. Intruders see a home with security shutters as a deterrent, meaning they’ll simply move onto an easier target and go elsewhere instead.


Protection from storms


Installing roller shutters to the front of your home will protect your windows from severe weather conditions like heavy rain or hail. If you live in suburbs like Blackwood, Belair, Coromandel Valley, Happy Valley etc where there is an abundance of large tall, trees, roller shutters will also protect your windows from any fallen debris that may occur during windy storms. And, if you happen to live facing a golf course, then equipping your home with roller shutters might just save your windows from that random smash of a ball hitting the glass!


Sun Protection


Internal blinds and curtains are popular choices for people to cover their windows from the inside of their home and depending on the style, they do have some insulation properties. However, in Summer, the problem lies, in the fact that the sun hitting your windows, will still penetrate the glass, passing on the heat to your curtains or blinds and will heat up your home. Installing roller shutters to the outside of your windows, means the sun will hit the roller shutters and not your windows resulting in a 70% reduction of heat from coming into your home on hot days. With less heat entering your home, you’ll need that air conditioner less and ultimately save on those costly energy bills!

Excellent at Light Control and for Offering Privacy


There are so many combinations that will allow you to obtain that perfect amount of light, privacy and air flow into your home. For example, when they are completely closed, you will eliminate any bright light from entering your home, which means they’re perfect for privacy and for the shift workers amongst you wanting to get a bit of shut eye during the day! They really do offer the best form of darkness compared to any other window treatment. Alternatively, with the shutters slightly open, you can open your windows and let the air flow in and fill up your living space all the while keeping your home secure. Highly versatile, how you use your roller shutters are completely up to you!

Noise Reduction


Do you live on a busy main road, near a train line or airport? When roller shutters are closed, they act as fantastic noise filters! Research states that roller shutters can reduce noise levels by up to 50%!

Save on Energy Bills


Let’s be honest, the rising price of energy bills in South Australia, has become a joke and an ongoing concern for households and their ability to afford the cost of living month to month. Research states that 70% of your heat and 46% of the cool air produced from your air conditioning is leaving your home through your doors and windows, so households without roller shutters are literally burning money each quarter with inefficiently insulated homes. So why wait. An investment in some Roller Shutters will greatly reduce the loading on your heating and cooling units from season to season and save your money in the long run during both the Winter and Summer months.

To conclude, the advantages of installing some quality custom fit Roller Shutters to the windows of your home makes perfect sense for todays living. Available in a wide choice of colours to suit the styling of your home,, they can be fit with manual winders or for ultimate luxury, they can be wired into your home and be automated.

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