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Shutters, Curtains or Blinds?

Shutters, Curtains or Blinds?

Just moved into a new house and found the windows are missing all the window treatments?   Great news for you! You get to start fresh!!!


But now you’re faced with the decision of buying Shutters, Curtains or Blinds… Want to understand the difference?  Read on!


 Shutters originate from Europe, and in a lot of cases still feature throughout these countries on the outside of windows.  Ever been to France? They’re everywhere!  And for good reason, as they offer fantastic privacy when closed!


In Australia, we offer Roller Shutters that go on the outside of Windows, that are often Aluminium and can be motorised for easy living. Plantation Shutters on the other hand go on the inside, are made generally from basswood timber or aluminium and are opened and closed manually.


Roller shutters are incredibly durable and can protect your windows from damage as well as offer amazing insulation benefits. 


Plantation shutters are the more stylish of the two, and are considered an investment, as they can add value to your home. If you choose aluminium, or pvc plantation shutters, they can be used in wet areas. If you opt for those in Timber, they are not as resilient to moisture so are therefore better for the bedroom or living room.


Both can be custom made to fit the exact measurements of your windows, are easy to maintain and are available in an extensive colour range.




Blinds are the most popular choice of window furnishings because of the sheer variety and flexibility to suit most rooms in your home.  Roller blinds, Verticals , Venetians, panel glides or Roman Blinds, there is something for everyone’s style and budget.


Blinds contain flats or vanes and are controlled with a manual cord or chain. Motorisation is popular with blinds in high windows or hard to reach places.


Depending on the fabrics used, blinds offer a greater level of light, and view than say curtains do. If you want privacy, then block-out fabrics are available.


If you’ve got several windows to cover, then blinds are generally more affordable than Curtains or Shutters. They are also better suited to smaller rooms.




Curtains were traditionally found in older homes but are now on their way back! 


You might remember thick fabrics with ugly motifs and embroidery in your grandparents house, but today there are a wide number of lighter style, softer sheer fabrics available that offer a modern and more  airy look to your home.


Curtains suit large bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms, and can prevent harsh UV light from filtering the windows.


If you want the welcoming ‘warmth’ that curtains tend to offer, as well as the privacy, then why not consider this an option.


If you want to learn more about shutters, blinds and curtains, then please don’t hesitate to call our showroom on 08 8281 9366. If you would like to know what best suits your home and price, then feel free to organise a Free no obligation quote.



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