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What blinds are best suited to bathrooms?

What blinds are best suited to bathrooms?

What blinds are best suited to bathrooms?


When adding blinds to your home, you need to consider the room type, function and design. 

For your bathroom, you’ll need something that is resistant to steam and that can handle moisture well.


Choosing the right materials is key. Blinds made out of wood are generally a poor choice and are therefore off the list!


Blinds made from fabric are also not a great choice as they risk mould and mildew build up. 


Don’t forget the cleaning! 

Mould and mildew will always develop to some degree in your bathroom so choosing something that you can keep sparkling clean is important too.


The following choices are best suited to bathrooms. 


Roller blinds are easy to wash and maintain. They offer great privacy and better yet, won’t warp! Available in manual or motorised operation, and in an extensive range of colours, roller blinds are pretty good on the hip pocket too!


Aluminium Venetian blinds are a great choice for bathrooms. Extremely durable, they are easy to clean and won’t rust. In a clean white colour they offer a timeless aesthetic to your bathroom space. 


Faux wood blinds comes with slats that will stay straight with all the humidity in the bathroom and won’t warp. These days they are available in a range of colours and realistic wood grain finishes which means we’re sure to find the look you’re after.


Faux wood shutters are also an increasingly popular choice because they offer both privacy and style. They come with moisture resistant slats and therefore won’t warp or crack. They are also easy to clean. 

Homes that have indoor shutters throughout generally attain higher values when it comes to the  final sale price tag so are a worthy investment. 


When deciding on blinds or shutters for your bathroom, it is important to also consider the orientation of the bathroom and the amount of privacy you require. Also have a think about what ‘feel’  you want to achieve from the window furnishings you choose for your bathroom. Ie. Do you want something sterile and minimalist, clean and crisp or warm and inviting? 








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