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What to Consider when buying blinds for your Home

What to Consider when buying blinds for your Home

Other than the visual appeal that it provides, installing blinds in your home is a great way to add privacy and control outside light in your living space. With these in mind, there are several factors that you have to consider when buying blinds for your home.


One of the main considerations that homeowners look into, is the type of blinds that they install and how they look vis-à-vis the space.


When it comes to style, the width of the slats of say a venetian blind, can be crucial.

Venetian blinds offer different slat sizes. Slats are the horizontal pieces that you tilt, raise, and lower when operating your blinds. The difference in slat sizes may not seem like a lot, but the right, or even the wrong, slat size can make a world of difference for your windows.The most common slat size is 2 inches, and that’s the size you’ll find the majority of companies manufacture to.Venetians with slats of two inches have a more classic or traditional appeal. 


As for the colour, blinds that come in neutral hues can give you more flexibility in the long-term. If you are aiming for a warm and cosy ambiance, venetian blinds in a wood stain finish can do the trick. For modern spaces, the colours beige, ivory, off-white and light grey would be suitable. You can also choose a colour that is closest to your architectural trims, such as that of your windows or doors where you will be installing the blinds.



Where you will be installing your window treatments should also be a prime factor in choosing your blinds. Vertical blinds, for example, are more appropriate to be used on wide windows and on doors. The slats will stack up neatly on the sides rather than on top, creating a seamlessly clean look. Verticals are particularly good for sliding doors.


Wooden blinds provide a  perfectly homey atmosphere in the living room, where you do most of your family activities and where you usually entertain guests. Meanwhile, kitchen windows and doors should be installed with blinds that you can easily wipe or dust. Venetian Blinds made of faux wood or vinyl can help achieve this convenience, while still blocking harsh natural lighting from the outside.


Roller blinds with a block-out fabric are ideal for bedrooms. Much like its name, block-outs obstruct the penetration of the sun and lights from the streets, especially if you want a long sleep.  Finally, if budget isn't a problem, opt for Roman Blinds with overlapping fabric so you can have more control over your privacy and the amount of light that enters the room.



How much you are prepared to spend on your window furnishings is also a major determining factor when choosing blinds. 

If you are planning on installing blinds on all windows and glass doors, then the price can start to rise.  One way to cut down on your expenses would be to prioritise which windows will need customised blinds and which ones can be installed with store-bought off the shelf blinds.

Heavy-duty blinds are usually installed in living rooms, main bedrooms, kitchen, and in the dining area, since these spaces are frequented more often. Meanwhile, guest bedrooms, bathrooms, and the laundry area are relegated as lower priorities so can generally be put off or an off the shelf option may be sufficient.

In general, quotations for window treatments are based on their sizes and the type of blind. Adding to the cost are other custom options such as pattern, materials, and extra features, such as blinds that require motorisation or remote controls.


Where to buy

There are lots of options on where you can buy your blinds;

1)Online - Generally suited to the DIY market as you'll be responsible for measuring and installing the blind.

2) Ready Made/ Off the shelf from a home hardware store  like Bunnings / Mitre 10 - Generally a lesser quality blind as they are mass produced.

3)or through a local Adelaide blinds business like us, Mr Blinds! Where you always get a quality, custom made to measure product backed by a warranty.


If you are requiring blinds for an investment property, then an off the shelf product may be sufficient. But also, be prepared to buy them again and again, as the quality and strength aren't the same as a custom made product.  Parts are also extremely hard to come by.

If you have multiple windows of all shapes and sizes, then a custom made blind will be more suited to you.

You may not know what you want or what will suit your home, so having a design consultant come to your home to give you some ideas is always a great start. AND THAT, you cant get in a hardware store or online!

 Generally speaking though, your first investment is often your best investment!  


So it's best to start with a free measure and in-home consultation where you can have an experienced blinds consultant sit with you to recommend the best window furnishings for your home, explain the differences in cost and benefits. 

So what are you waiting for?  Give us a call on 08 8281 9366 to request your Free Quote!




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