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Buying Blinds for an Investment Property

Buying Blinds for an Investment Property
Do you own an investment property?
Or are you thinking about jumping into the market and purchasing one?
It would make sense right now!
Interest rates are historically low, with more rate cuts on the horizon,  which means money is cheap and owning a rental property is a great long term investment!
So if you do own one, or take the plunge in the near future, you might find yourself needing window furnishings and needing to attract tenants into the property to get it rented as soon a possible.  
As this isn’t your own home, you’ll want to style the property in a way that suits as broader market of prospective tenants as possible, while simultaneously providing as little maintenance as possible.   They need to look good to entice potential renters, be strong enough to withstand daily wear and tear, and still be effective at offering privacy and at filtering light for the comfort of the new occupants
So what blinds should you go for?
We say, hands down, that you can’t beat Roller Blinds! And our reasoning is this.
  • They are relatively cheap, so if you have several windows to cover, you can do so without breaking the bank. 
  • They suit both wet and dry areas.
  • They are available in an extensive range of colours,
  • and they will resist the daily torment of opening and closing like no other blind! And we all know that tenants can be careless, so you’ll only want to buy blinds once. 
When choosing colours, you’ll want to stay within the safe zone. That is, colours like shades of white, bone and greys.  This allows the tenants to let their furniture create the statement in their new home and not be overpowered by the window coverings.  
These colours are also timeless, which means you wont have to go replacing them every 5 years when styles change!
So, Roller blinds are the most cost effective and durable, but what option should you go for?
An off the shelf, ready made product or Custom Made to measure?
Well this will depend on the size of your windows AND  your budget.  
Remember the old adage,… that your first investment is often the best?  
Well, this also relates to roller blinds!!! (and all blinds for that matter. )  
A custom made product will use fabrics, materials and componentry that are of a higher standard. Meaning in general, that they are more durable, and will stand up to the abuse tenants can give.  You might find that whilst a ready made product is the cheaper option, they wont fit perfectly. The blind may have more ‘play’ in it’s fittings once installed, and therefore be vulnerable to irreversible damage, which means you may find yourself having to put your hands in your pocket quite soon, to replace them.  And who wants that???


If you’re looking for more advice on what blinds will best suit your investment property, then feel free to give us a call.





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