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Buying new blinds

Buying new blinds
Have you just moved house, are extending, renovating or simply want to change style of window furnishings ?
Well, look no further, because here’s everything you need to consider when buying new blinds for your Adelaide home.
First and foremost, you need to consider the window size and the type of window you want to buy blinds for.
If you have a window that opens in a particular way, the new blinds need to accommodate this so they are not damaged everytime you want to open the window. If you have a sliding door, you‘ll find that vertical blinds or panel blinds are often the best suited as they can be pushed aside to open the door.


Next thing to consider, is the style of window covering.
Curtains are obviously heavier , look more traditional and are often considered more formal than blinds.
They also tend to be a bit of a haven for dust collection. Blinds are generally lower maintenance and more versatile throughout the year. Plantation shutters are considered in vogue and are at the higher end of the spend spectrum so will suit period homes and larger dwellings.


Do your rooms look over your neighbours fence or are they in close proximity to roads or other dwellings?
If that’s your case, then our next point, “ Privacy “ will be a big factor to consider when buying your new blinds.
For the best results and maximum privacy, we recommend a full window covering like verticals, or venetians and also something in a blockout fabric.
Sun filtered fabric may distort views during the day light hours, but at night with the light on, it’s easy to see right on through, so a day night fabric is the most appropriate.

Light control

What about Light control you say?  We say, absolutely!
The large majority of window treatments will help control light and reduce glare and these include verticals, venetians, sheer curtains and plantation shutters.
Each of these styles have different mechanisms which allow you to manage the amount light that enters the room.

Sound Control

If you live near a busy road, next door to a block of units with noisy neighbours (or where cars frequently come and go), or next to a park where there is an abundance of noisy wildlife, then a heavier block out fabric or curtain will help muffle the level of noise.
However, for the ultimate in noise reduction, then you cant go past an external roller shutter
When it comes to blinds, you’ll want a style that suits your living and home environment all year round.
Different windows need a different approach but the beauty about choosing Mr Blinds to supply your window furnishings is that we’ll custom measure and manufacture everything to suit the shape and style of the windows you have.
Everything will fit perfectly. And they’ll look great!
If you have any questions, would like some advice or are ready to book a free measure and quote, and buy some new blinds for your home, then please get in touch!


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