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Which Blinds Let in the Most Light ?

Which Blinds Let in the Most Light ?


Here at Mr Blinds Adelaide, we just love Summer!  
Bright, early mornings for exercise and longer daylight hours in the evening to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends are just the best.
When decorating our homes, it is important to take the seasons into consideration.
With the longer summer days, we all want to make the most of the light and equally during the cooler months when the shorter days mean light is in short supply we want to ensure our window furnishings don't completely block it all out.
So we're here to offer you a guide towards the blinds that will let in the most light.
With that in mind, we believe that Roller blinds,  Vertical blinds and Venetian blinds are quite possibly the most versatile and useful at letting in the most light.
Both Rollers and Verticals can be supplied in a sunscreen fabric which keeps the room light regardless of how sunny the day is outside.  They are available in an extensive range of fabrics and as a general rule, the more sheer the fabric, the more you can maximise any opportunities to let natural light into a room. 
Roller blinds work well across all rooms of the home, be it, bathroom, lounge, bedroom or living areas. Simple to operate and easy to maintain, Roller blinds are a very popular choice and whatsmore, in a sheer fabric, you'll almost be able to see the clouds !
Venetian blinds, with their narrow blades, are also exceptional at allowing light to penetrate and filter into the room.  We can supply them in a brighter white aluminium as opposed to the wood grain which will also brighten your room and create a light space.
Aluminium venetians stop direct sunlight getting through when closed and are available in range of colours and finishes. They are light, durable and easy to open and close. They are perfectly suited to kitchens, offices, bedrooms and even bathrooms!
Vertical blinds are also an exceptional choice for light control and privacy. They are also perfect for large window openings,  sliding doors and bi fold doors.  By drawing back the blinds, you can let in maximum light but also balance the need for light and privacy, by angling the blind blades to suit your comfort and to reduce glare. 
Another sensible choice as they are very easy to maintain.
When it comes to controlling light in a room, we have a wide range of window furnishings that we supply and recommend. What we do is advise more importantly is that your window furnishings fit your exact specifications and measurements.  which is why it is best to for a made to measure product like ours. 
Off the shelf / ready-made blinds tend to be one size fits all, but as the windows in your home mostly differ, the result could fall short of your expectations. 
We take the exact measurements of your windows, make and fit your blinds so that they look great and will last for years to come. 
If you would like to see the range of fabrics or speak to one of our staff about the best blinds to suit your home, please visit our showroom at 2/ 1387 Main North Road Para Hills.  
or call 08 8281 9366 today to arrange a free in-home measure, consultation and quote.




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